• What is a climate change adaptation action ?

    The process of adjustment to actual or expected climate and its effects. In human systems, adaptation seeks to moderate or avoid harm or exploit beneficial opportunities. In some natural systems, human intervention may facilitate adjustment to expected climate and its effects. (IPCC)

  • Which will be climate change impact in Mediterranean region before the end of the century?

    The trends observed over the past five decades are likely to continue which will mean, by the end of the century:

    • a rise in average temperatures of 3 to 5°C
    • an autumnal rise of the temperatures more marked west of basina
    • a summer rise more marked in the South and Eastern countries
    • a decrease in precipitation of 35% on the southern and eastern shores and of 25% on the northern shore
    • a rise of extreme events (heavy rainfall, drought episodes) with increasing flooding, risks of erosion and decrease of available water resources
    • an average sea level rise of 20 to 60 cm
    • a rise in surface waters’ temperatures of 2 to 4°C 
    • a fall of the remarkable biodiversity of the basin (10% of the world flora, of which the half of endemic)
    • a Mediterranean sea acidification will impact on ecosystems
  • Why promote climate change adaptation?

    Policies to reduce the effects of climate change are very important, but the combined effects of reduction and adaptation are significant: in the first case through the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, and in the second, for water, energy, land use and biodiversity. These very sensitive sectors are already subject to high pressure in many parts of the Mediterranean region. It is therefore essential to promote action for climate change adaptation in these areas – as a complement to reduction policies – to improve the resilience of social, economic and environmental systems, and the management of the impact of extreme weather and climatic events due to climate change.

  • Which are the regions concerned by Awards ?

    This competition concerns the regions included within the Mediterranean bioclimatic zone, i.e. part or all of the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey.

  • Who can enter?

    This competition is aimed at:

    • Companies or members of the private sector
    • Local authority
    • National body
    • Public university
    • NGO
  • How to enter the competition?

    1. Download the application form from Awards’s website (/enter-the-competition/)

    2. Fill in the application file (Files must be completed in English or French)

    3. Upload the completed application file on Awards’s website (/enter-the-competition/)

    4. Click on “send” to validate the submission of your application

  • What are the key competition dates?
    • Opening date: March
    • Applications close: April 18 (before 10 p.m.)
    • Meeting juries: April
    • Awards ceremony: May 11
  • What are the benefits of entering the competition?

    The finalists (3 best applications) will receive:

    • Support from the partners
    • Invitations to an international workshop
    • International promotion of your actions (press communications, dedicated publication…).

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